Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Giuliani Clashes With Romney

The Political item du jour is the clash between Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani at a Republican debate in Michigan . The stories emphasized policy if that would have any affect on the final result come November 2008.
During the early primaries, the extremists on the right and the left turn out en masse to support their favorite and at that stage political views have some impact. But, come the final election, the American people will use other criteria for choosing the President of The United States.
As I stated earlier on my post about Hillary Clinton, likability means more than politics. Another important factor for American voters is the candidate's appearance.
Sad to say, height matters. The photo above shows that Romney has the advantage there. The voters will also make their decision based on how the future President looks on T.V.. Again, as the photos show Romney has the edge. The American voter would rather have a President with hair.....thank you very much.
So, my prediction is that Romney will continue to pull ahead of Giuliani.


Anonymous said...

that is the only reason i dont run for office

RTS said...

You mean because of the hair or height?