Monday, October 8, 2007

Looking at the Republican Presidential Candidates

In an earlier post I opined that the Democrat's choice for their 2008 Presidential Candidate would, obviously, be Hillary Clinton .
Predicting who the Republican will be isn't quite as easy.
The conventional wisdom is that the only Republican capable of defeating Clinton is Rudy Giuliani. The conventional wisdom also says that Giuliani's pro-choice views will not sit well with the Evangelicals who may choose a Third Party candidate thereby giving Clinton the election.
But, now it looks as though former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is leading in Iowa where the first caucus will be held in January.
Romney seems to be someone pro-lifers can support. Should he become the Republican candidate, he's sure to get the support of the Giuliani faction and the "anyone but Hillary" crowd.
As I said in the earlier entry, a Republican candidate need only appear more likable than Mrs. Clinton. I don't really know much about Romney but he could probably manage that.
The photo isn't an endorsement of Mitt. I just thought the use of a coffee cup by a Mormon candidate a bit funny.


Joe said...

Romney seems to occupy the other end of the spectrum when compared to Giuliani, so that would definitely be an interesting shift. I'd like to see him get the lead over Giuliani, who I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw him, but the fact is that Mormonism, no matter how you slice it, is a cult.

So I'm not sure I can trust Romney, either.

RTS said...

Well,Joe,when it comes down to it,everybody's religion is a cult to somebody.