Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bob Barr Could Create Presidential Toss-Up.

Of course, we know Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr has no chance of winning the White House in 2008. The Libertarian Party doesn't have a wide enough base to carry a single state with Electoral College votes.
But, he will have an affect on this election and he will have an affect on the way the Republican Party leaders think.
An InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion survey shows Barr being favored by 8% of the voters in Georgia. That's enough to give an upset win in Georgia to Obama.
The question is......who will make the most disastrous President; McCain or Obama? The country ultimately loses no matter which of these two is elected. But, which one has the potential to do the most harm?
Probably McCain.
McCain is willing to cross the aisle to pick up Liberal Democrat votes while stiffing his own Party.
Obama has shown that he has very little political savvy or know-how by his tortoise-like win over Hillary Clinton. He should have dispatched her long ago. Should Obama win the election in November, he will likely not have the support that would enable him to cause as much mayhem as he might wish.
A McCain loss via Republicans defecting to the Libertarian Party would shake up the Republicans the way they need to be.
An Obama victory will bring about a Republican take over of the House in 2010 much the same way Bill Clinton's Presidency did after his first two years in office.

The results of the survey:
“If the election were held today who would you vote for President of the United States which candidate would you vote for?”
John McCain, Republican: 45%
Barack Obama, Democrat: 35%
Bob Barr, Libertarian: 8%
Undecided: 12%


janeforfreedom said...

I saw alot of info on bob barr that I wasnt aware of. Wayne Root? What exactly qualifies him to be a VP? Here is a site with info you wont find on any of the Campaign sites. Go to this link and read. Got some useful info there. this site is obviously not related to any officail campaign site. But has lots of info on it.

RTS said...

Well, Jane....I must tell you; that is a very strange website. I took a look but probably won't return to it.