Thursday, June 26, 2008

Firefox 3 review.

I've been using Firefox 3 for about a week now and my review of it can be summed up as "ho-hum".
It's not that I have major problems with the new's just that I feel like the whole thing has been over-rated. It's not the "greatest thing since sliced bread" as I'd been lead to believe.It's a little faster than Firefox 2, but with the relatively large amount of ram I have on this PC, the older version wasn't all that slow.
In the past week the browser has "crashed" four or five times when I closed it (at least that's what the error message says).
Yesterday and today, after using the browser earlier in the day, I could not reopen it without rebooting my PC.
I'm told that it's more secure than the previous version, but that's not something I'm going to really notice.
So, I mean, it's OK.....but spectacular? Naw, don't think so.

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