Tuesday, June 10, 2008

German Dollmaker Offers Barack Obama Doll.

A German Dollmaker, Die Puppenklinik Offermann, has created a 14-inch (36-centimeter) Barack Obama doll, complete with black suit, pale blue tie and Stars & Stripes lapel pin.
The company is selling a limited run of 999 Obama dolls online for 139 euros (US$219) each.
To purchase one for yourself, you can click here.
I'm not making this up.
I first came upon this story on a Japanese web site Mainichi Daily News. The story can also be found on Daily India and the Denver Post to name just a few.
It was easy enough finding sites that covered the story....but finding a photo wasn't so easy (click on this photo to enlarge).
I can understand why none of the stories featured a photo of the doll......it doesn't look anything like Obama and you wouldn't know it was Barack if they hadn't told you.
Honestly, the doll looks ridiculous, but then again, so do the Pope Benedict XVI and Dalai Lama dolls the company also made.

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Dominique said...

Looks more like a Robert Mugabe doll.