Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm no Drudge.

In a post yesterday [A Real Man of the People.], I was critical of Barack Obama's buying a $30,000 Harmony Ring for wife Michelle.The source for the story was linked to Drudge Report.
Now, it seems that the Obama Press Office has released a statement saying that the ring story isn't true.
When asked about the story, the jeweler's spokesman, Enrico Gamba said, via email;
"I regret to inform you that because of reports so wrong and clearly different from the reality of our statements, we decided to not issue statement on this matter.
Unfortunately, we were negatively affected by read on national and foreign media news stories that have no basement[sic], and in excess of the objective reality.
I inform you that we have no intention to disseminate more information about this story."

I checked Drudge today, and there's no link to any retraction.
I'm no Drudge.........if I post something that turns out to be untrue, I'll try to set things right.

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