Wednesday, December 31, 2008

IPC's "Theologically innovative paper" no longer available.

From a March 13, 2007 press release, we learn that The Institute for Progressive Christianity (IPC) has issued an academic "white paper" entitled "The Kingdom of God and the Witness of Gay Marriage " which, Progressives are saying, is a theological breakthrough in showing gay marriage as "a moral good" that "spiritually liberates straight people as well as gay people."

The Rev. Mark Farr, an Episcopal priest and IPC co- director, called the paper "a truly groundbreaking scriptural affirmation of gay marriage as an almost iconic window into the reality of God's love."

The press release goes on to say the paper, "affirms gay marriage as a positive value for the Christian worldview as rooted in Christian Biblical texts......"

Unfortunately, this "theologically innovative" paper is no longer available on the Internet.
A number of articles extolling the greatness of the paper have instructed me to find the paper on the IPC website. If it was ever available there, it's nowhere to be found today.

Googling "The Kingdom of God and the Witness of Gay Marriage ", I found a few sites that provided links where I could go to download the paper. But, those links only lead to dead ends.

If, as the IPC press release states,"this paper changes the dynamics of the entire debate over gay marriage" then why can we no longer read this paper for ourselves?

I can post a link to the press release [IPC Releases Innovative Paper on Gay Marriage] but, lots of luck finding the actual paper.

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