Friday, September 11, 2009

Chuck2 Has His Say.

In a column published in the Washington Post, Richard Cohen recently wrote about the Republicans' behavior towards President Obama during his latest speech to a joint session of Congress.
Although I've provided a link to the column here , there is absolutely no reason for anyone to read it. You already know what it says.
The Republicans' behavior was, he says, completely over the top....far worse than any Democrat has ever treated any Republican President. And, he tells us, the reason for this boorish behavior can only be for one thing.
The Republicans hate Obama for one reason and one reason only....can you guess? It's because Republicans are racists.
Oh, geeze; I sure didn't see that comin'.

There's no point in my arguing with Cohen. Republicans know he's full of it and no argument I could give would convince a Democrat that Cohen doesn't know what he's talking about. My point in posting this is because of a comment left on the Washington Post website by an Obama supporter.
This comment was left by someone calling himself chuck2. I've pasted the comment below in red. I have not changed the comment in any way and have left in all spelling errors.

Mr Cohen has expressed an inconvenient truth. You conservative bombastics, can't bolviate all summer about how Obama wasn't a legitmate president (despite winning 53% of the popular vote to W Bush's 49%), you can't whip up hyteria about radical connections of Obama (even though Palin belongs to groups with links to white spearatists and McCain had his own followeringsd whocalled for Obama's violent demise) and you can't demonisze his background (Hawaiian, mixed race) and then get OUTRAGEd when people connect the dots and begin to see the hysterical response as partly racist. If you Republicans are opposed to Obama merely on the merits of his porposals, then you should be the first to decry the birthers and confront the hateful elements of your party who show up at Obama rallies with semi-automatic waepons. You should be able to effectively counter his policiy prescriptions without resorting to ugly and decisive tactics that seek to demean and destroy to Office of the President just because the occupant is one of who you don't aprove.

Racism? If the shoe fits...wear it!

Posted by: chuck2 | September 10, 2009 10:42 AM

Judging by his command of the English language, I'd say Chuck2 makes his living as a Nigerian scammer.

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LarryD said...

I wonder if he speaks as well as he writes. Sheesh.