Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Support Obama and Say "No" to the Taliban.

I don't read Trudy Rubin's column often. As a matter of fact, the only reason I read her column from this past Sept. 13 is because the column was reprinted in my local newspaper and reading materials are scarce in the break-room at work.

In this column, Ms. Rubin argues that we should pass Obama's health care plan. Now, I wasn't surprised that she wants us to support the President, but her arguments for our doing so are, far and away, the most bizarre arguments I've come across in our national health care debate.

She writes;
"A U.S. president who fails on his signature issue - health care - won't have the strength and public support to deal with new challenges by Islamists. He will be seen at home and abroad as seriously weakened. Yet neither party seems much bothered by this threat."

The gist of her argument is this : Should Obama fail to pass health care reform, he will be seen as weak and that weakness will embolden the Taliban, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

It doesn't really matter that the health care reform offered may not be in our best interests. We should let Obama have his way in this. Passing Obamacare will show that the President has power and thereby frighten the Islamic terrorists.

According to Rubin, we and our Representatives and Senators should start thinking beyond our narrow self-interest and win one for the One.

Well, at least she didn't call us racists.


Theresa Bates said...

Once again - I realize why I never read the local paper. I believe I would prefer being labeled a racist as to an idiot!

LarryD said...

I've got an idea! How about force the Taliban to use Obama's Health Care! They'd surrender without a shot.

Amanda West said...

Um, this one left me speechless.

What is wrong with this planet?