Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Few Thoughts on Scott Brown.

Very nearly immediately after Scott Brown had won the Senate seat for the State of Massachusetts, Drudge had this question;
"Now.....will he run for President?"

Where is this coming from?
I know this is a stunning defeat for the Obama administration - and for that, I'm very, very happy. Scott Brown's victory is a proverbial thumb jammed into Obama's eye.
But, are we ready to see another relatively unknown politician elected President of the United States? Haven't we learned anything?

I received an email recently from with a link to a column entitled Is Scott Brown good for us?

Good question.

There has been a general euphoria in the Conservative camp since Brown's victory, with some of his flaws going unnoticed. Rush Limbaugh has, of course, spoken highly of Brown, but I haven't heard Rush comment on Brown's less than ideal views on abortion. Scott Brown supports legalized abortion ( but not partial-birth abortion).
The Massachusetts Citizens for Life endorsed Brown over Coakley because he does favor some restrictions. While that may be good enough for the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, that's not good enough for me.

Quite rightly, CatholicVote did not endorse Brown, or urge voters to elect him. The group does, however, see one ray of hope shining through. CatholicVote described Scott Brown’s win was a victory for subsidiarity. They write:

"Subsidiarity simply means that issues ought to be solved by the smallest and least centralized competent authority. Families, charities, churches and local communities, and even states ought to be the primary instruments of political change — as opposed to a massive bureaucratic centralized federal government.
And thus, while Scott Brown is ultimately wrong about abortion, he is definitely right in urging us to think anew about the proper size and role of government in a free society. And for this reason, CatholicVote is happy he won."


"Make no mistake, we need leaders willing to stand for the principle that every life is sacred. Scott Brown is not that candidate. At least not yet!"

No question about it; we definitely do need to "think anew about the proper size and role of government in a free society."
Smaller government. More power in the hands of the people on a more local level.

No, Scott Brown is not the ideal Presidential candidate for the Republican Party in 2012. He would be, however, far and away better than the current occupant of the Oval office.

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