Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Break in the (non) Action.

Let's be honest; my writing hasn't really been up to snuff lately.
Most days, I spend hours on end pouring over the Internet, looking for something news-worthy to write about. As anyone can plainly see, my output for this month has been less than spectacular.

It doesn't help that I'm having to spend more time at work (at my real job). Today's one of those days when I'll be putting in a sixteen hour day at work. So, there's no time to come up with a top-notch post.

That being the case, I'm going to recommend that my readers reader click on the link I've provided and take a look at steelingspoons.blogspot.com written by Amanda West. She's a much better writer than I.

Adios,muchachos, until tomorrow. Or the next day.


Amanda West said...

OMG. My mouth is still hanging open. You think I'm a good writer!? Aw, I could just hug you right now!

Robert said...

Hi Amanda,
Why did you delete the "Erlanger Hospital" post?

Amanda West said...

My husband is not any better and it was upsetting me to look at it. But I reposted it and also posted a new post about his condition.

It's been a rough couple of days.