Wednesday, July 7, 2010

San Francisco Bans Soft Drinks.

Thanks to the guys at Creative Minority Report I learned of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's ban of sugary soft drinks in vending machines on city property. [ Creative Minority Report: Illegals With Cokes ]

Delving further, I came across an article on the SFGate website. Newsom's directive, issued in April, "... includes non-diet sodas, sports drinks and artificially sweetened water. Juice must be 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice with no added sweeteners. Diet sodas can be no more than 25 percent of the items offered".

The directive is an effort to combat obesity.

Doesn't Newsom realize his new directive will adversely affect a soft drink which has the potential of being extremely popular with San Francisco residents ? - Leninade- With approximately 38 grams of sugar (all cane sugar, according to the label) and about 150 calories per serving, the "surprisingly satisfying simple soviet-style soda based on lemonade" (made by Real Soda In Real Bottles, Ltd) will certainly be prohibited.

A quick Internet search revealed the drink is available online. An ad for the drink mentions a mixed drink made from Leninade, ice and Vodka known as a CommieKaze. Perhaps Newsom should have one himself, put up his feet and relax.

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