Friday, July 2, 2010

Final Update.

In what was to be my final post for this blog, I related how I believed that this blog had become the victim of "diversity".... that is to say that the rather loose and unfocused nature of this blog had begun to made it difficult for me to decide which subject to write about on any particular day.

I believe the solution to my problem is to "mothball" this blog while starting another which focuses on only one subject. The result of that decision has been the creation of Immigration Reformation. As one can tell from the title, the theme of the blog will, obviously, be immigration - both legal and illegal.

Chances are, I will start yet even another blog in the not-so-distant future in order to deal with other subjects of interest to me. For the time being, I hope those who read and followed Sorry, all the Clever Names are Taken will find my latest entry into the blogosphere as something worth reading - at least occasionally.

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