Monday, November 29, 2010

What Have I Started?

Alright....this is starting to get a bit weird.

On Saturday, after reading the story of Angeles Duran - the Spanish woman who has laid claims of ownership to the Sun - I wrote a short little goof piece entitled Al Gore sues Angeles Duran for Damages. When I noticed that the post was getting an enormous amount of hits (enormous for me) I put together an "I.N.N. news story" called Al Gore Sues Sun's Owner Over Global Warming and put it in as a "source".
It was fun going to Google Analytics and checking out the increased traffic, but when I discovered that my post had been taken seriously by someone at China - well, that's when it became just a bit creepy.

The link will go to the story at the Chinese website........I'm not making this up. I've taken a screenshot of a portion of the page just in case it disappears.

In less than 36 hours, my humble little blog post has received nearly 2500 visits from more than 900 cities in 70 countries. That's pretty amazing for a blog that usually gets about 60 visits in a 24 hour period.


Al said...

Robert, have you heard someone saying "You're traveling through another dimension" yet?????

BTW, give the Gore-acle time & he probably will sue her. Then you will be considered prescient.

LarryD said...

You, my friend, have hit the jackpot! Milk it for all its worth!!!

Oh, and Rod Serling just called...

Robert said...

Hi Larry,
I noticed the post was leading to an increase in hits on a post from I updated Al Gore's Solar War