Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Adopt A Priestess Project.

Following the recent story of Norma Jean Coon's renunciation of her alleged ordination as a Roman Catholic Deacon and her relinquishing any and all connections to the, so-called, Roman Catholic Women Priests movement, blogger LarryD has launched what he's calling The Adopt-A-Priestess Project.

On his blog, Larry explains;

"Here's how it will work: I have a list of the names of 75 women, taken directly from the website of Roman Catholic Women Priests. They are from the US, Canada and a few from Europe. The list will get longer, as I am sifting through a similar roster from the Women's Ordination Conference site (I'm checking for duplication). If you wish to participate, I will assign you one of the names - or more, if you so desire, just let me know. I'm asking you to pray for that woman's conversion and return in full communion to the Church. How you do that is entirely up to you. Masses, rosaries, Divine Mercy chaplets, adoration, fasting - whatever devotion or means that works for you. If you're a priest, and you want to participate, perhaps you could say Masses for that woman (a few for the success of this project would be cool, too!)"

As you can see from the upper right hand corner of this blog, I've decided to participate and am encouraging others to join in as well.

Larry has assigned Eileen McCafferty DiFranco to me. I hope I'm up to the challenge.

According to the RCWP website, DiFranco "is a writer, community volunteer, and a registered nurse who works at a busy urban high school in Philadelphia. Ordained a priest in Pittsburgh in 2006, she serves as the pastor of The Community of Saint Mary Magdalene which meets each Sunday in a suburb of Philadelphia. Eileen is the first woman priest to preside at Dignity, Philadelphia. She also has a very busy wedding ministry. Eileen, and her husband Larry, have a daughter, three sons, and two grandchildren."

On the website it's said that DiFranco is a graduate of the Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. Obviously, she could not attend a Catholic seminary. I do not understand why she did not choose to become a Lutheran Minister since that denomination is more in tune with her beliefs. It's always been a puzzle to me why these - so called- women priests have attempted to stay Roman Catholic. If they truly believe that the Church is in error regarding the ordination of women, then one would have to conclude that the Church is not being guided by the Holy Spirit. Their entire effort is completely illogical.

I will pray for DiFranco's conversion. I pray that she will recognize the error of her thinking and return to the Catholic Church.

I'm hoping more will go to Larry's blog and participate as well.

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LarryD said...

Thanks for supporting this, Robert. I'll be interested in hearing if she responds to your email.