Saturday, March 26, 2011

"A-Week" like No Other.

Somewhere, in the lower levels of my consciousness, I was vaguely aware that this week - March 20/26 - had been designated as A Week (otherwise known as Atheist Pride Week ). It wasn't until this morning, when I came across Jennifer Fulwiler's piece in The National Catholic Register that the subject came bubbling up to the surface.

As interesting as Fulwiler's article is, I found the comments following it more entertaining. As I write this, there are 75 78 81 82 comments. The exchanges between "Nora" and the Two Tims are worth the price of admission.

Comments from some others, however, are absolutely asinine - like Daynsby's comment that Christians had, at one time, killed people who believed the Earth revolved around the Sun.

In her article, Fulwiler linked to the Out Campaign website; a website dedicated to the proposition that Atheists Aren't Assholes.

"As more and more people join the OUT Campaign, fewer and fewer people will feel intimidated by religion."

Is that it? Is that the real reason behind the New Atheists becoming more vocal in their hatred of things religious? Intimidated by religion? God forbid.

"It is time to let our voices be heard regarding the intrusion of religion in our schools and politics."

Some might argue that is the atheists who are intruding in the schools. As for politics, people with deeply held religious beliefs will always participate in this democracy.

"We need to KEEP OUT the supernatural from our moral principles and public policies."

What moral principles do atheists embrace? If there is no God - if there is no Creator - if we are simply the result of a random coming together of atoms, molecules and other assorted material "stuff", then where does morality come from? Without God, I am just a collection of chemicals that happened to combine into this form. In the materialists' universe, I'm free to do as I please......after all, we're all just random collections of material, right?

As I said in in earlier post,

"Many atheists believe that the theories of evolution and the Big Bang show us to be the product of a random collection of molecules with no Creative Intelligence behind it all. If we are all merely a collection of chemicals, then it would follow that humans are no more valuable than any other collection of chemicals. An individual would be no more valuable than a whale or a worm or a water molecule.

Atheists may think they can be good without God, but if you take their atheism to its logical conclusion, there is absolutely no reason to treat your fellow human any differently than you would an insect.

Like nearly everyone else, the Out Campaign has a T shirt for sale. This one has "We Are All Africans" on the front, Out Campaign logo on the sleeve and "The Bible says modern people are the result of incestuous relations Cain and his brothers had with their sisters.Science says we are all descendants of Africans. I believe science" on the back.

If, as they say, we are the product of evolution, we are the result of incestuous relations between the offspring of the first "human". Besides, isn't being critical of incestuous relations based on a moral principle?

On the website, Dawkins claims to have invented the Scarlet A lapel pin. Stolen from Nathaniel Hawthorne might be a more accurate statement.

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