Friday, March 11, 2011

Triglyceride Levels.

I recently had blood work done......basically, a semi-annual check up.....cholesterol, psa and a host of others.
Everything looks OK......the only thing that's out of range are the triglycerides; not so high that medication would be necessary, but just high enough that I should watch my diet to try and lower it just a smidgen. Fish oil would help too, I was told.

I had been advised to take fish oil last time, but I have a difficult time remembering to take the capsules. I told the nurse that it might be easier for me to eliminate the culprits from my diet. She mentioned things like white bread, white rice and biscuits. No need to stop eating those foods completely, just cut down. Problem is, I don't eat large amounts of those three particular foods.

I went on-line to find a list of other food items that might be the reason my triglycerides are out of line. I found the item easy enough. It's ice cream.

I really love ice cream. Whenever I felt like I had been through a particularly bad day, I'd treat myself to a huge bowlful. The ice cream was not causing a weight gain....I could eat to my heart's content and wouldn't gain a pound. So, I didn't see a problem.

Now, I'll be severely restricting my intake of ice cream. Too early to say if I'll completely give it up, but I'll be eating next to none for the next six months.

This isn't a News Year's resolution......I'm not giving up ice cream for Lent. I'm doing it to lower my triglyceride levels.

I'll try to do better taking the fish oil capsules as well. The next scheduled blood test is in September. We'll see.

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Al said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of what's good for you versus what's good.