Thursday, June 28, 2012

Archbishop Timothy Dolan's New e-book.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan's new e-book [True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Liberty] is the one book I wish all my "un-churched" friends would read.

I can't recommend it highly enough. However, I am like someone who had commented on the e-book in an article for National Catholic Register. The e-book is only 5000 words; why not just post it as a letter and publish on the Archdiocese website?

Of course, I know why, now.

Also included with the Archbishop's text is an excerpt from John Allen's book on the Archbishop, A People of Hope.

I am not a fan of Mr. Allen and frankly, they could have left it out as far as I'm concerned.

The e-book costs only 99¢. That's a fair enough price. I realize the Allen excerpt is just attempt by the publisher to sell more copies of his book, but it won't work, in my case.

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