Monday, June 25, 2012

Kmiec Predicts Obamacare Victory.

In a piece for America Magazine, Douglas Kmiec predicts that the Supreme Court will vote in favor of Obamacare this week.

The Supreme Court decision is expected to be announced this week. We'll see just how well Kmiec does in reading the minds of the justices - particularly Justice Kennedy. The ever obsequious Kmiec calls Kennedy a "literate, level-headed, fair-minded man" so, naturally, in Kmeic's view, Kennedy will cast the deciding vote in support of the President's handiwork.

Kmiec's love of Obama is well known. I,for one, have serious reservations concerning Kmiec's judgement. If I had any doubts before how the Supreme Court would rule on Obamacare, my doubts were removed having learned of Kmeic's prediction.

The Court will crush Obamacare.

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