Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Faux Ordination.

The first paragraph of this news article pretty much sums it up:

"In defiance of Roman Catholic authority and doctrine, the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests ordained its first Louisville-area priest on Saturday."

What part of "In defiance of Roman Catholic authority and doctrine" is so difficult to understand?

"Despite the name, the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is not an entity of the Roman Catholic Church or the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville,” Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz said in a statement. “Its action in carrying out a simulated ordination of Dr. Rosemarie Smead stands in direct opposition to the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on the priesthood."

The Vatican insists that any woman who attempts ordination, and anyone seeking to confer the priesthood on her, faces automatic excommunication.
In another news article, the woman in question, Rosemarie Smead, was quoted as saying "I have no fear of excommunication."

Obviously not.

The Catholic Church teaches that it has no authority to allow women to be priests because Jesus Christ chose only men as his apostles. To this, supporters of women's ordination argue that Jesus was acting only according to the customs of his time.

So let me get this straight; the argument goes that the second person of the Holy Trinity, the Son of God, wanted to have women priests in His Church, but he was afraid of breaking a custom. That's the best they can come up with?

Christ certainly wasn't afraid of breaking customs or proclaiming truths which His disciples found difficult to accept - John 6:52 - "The Jews quarreled among themselves, saying, 'How can this man give us [his] flesh to eat?' "

He was crucified for going against the customs of His day.

The "ordination" was performed in a Protestant church, St. Andrew United Church of Christ.  How appropriate - apostates performing an illegal ordination in an heretical church.

Smead plans on leading monthly services for Christ Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community, though the services will actually take place at St. Andrew.

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