Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Democratic Propaganda.

Leftists certainly know how to be provocative, if not accurate.

Not willing to let a tragic accident go unexploited, one such Progressive posted on Facebook a photo of a young boy aiming a handgun, along with the following words:

"How can you be a party of 'Family Values' when you believe a five year old child has the right to own a gun, but doesn't have a right to health care?"

I don't recall seeing either on the Republican Party's platform.

Not everyone who supports the 2nd amendment right to own firearms goes along with the idea of giving guns to young children. While in rural Kentucky, it may be ".........not uncommon for a 5-year-old to have a gun or for a parent to pass one down to their kid," it's unlikely that more than a very tiny minority of gun owners nation-wide think it's anything other than insanity to give firearms to young children.

For the Left to suggest that Republicans want children to have guns is simply an attempt to paint all gun owners as wacko nut-jobs.

The second point put forward is equally absurd. No one - absolutely no one wants to deny any child access to medical care. Most opponents of Obamacare object to the idea that the federal government should be in control of our healthcare system; government is not well known for it's efficiency and as much as Progressives may want to convince you otherwise, objecting to Obamacare is not the same as wanting little children to die.

Rather than post slick sounding one-liners, couldn't more be accomplished by addressing the real issues?

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Joe Potillor said...

No, no, that would take a brain, something the left doesn't have ;)