Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go Ahead, Unfriend Me...Part Two.

It's been four days since I last posted - Go Ahead, Unfriend Me - . In that post, I wrote how I had "unfriended" four people on my Facebook friends list over their support of the Boys Scouts of America's changing policy to allow gay boys to become scouts. I see this change as a first step in allowing adult homosexuals to become scout leaders.

I also asked in that post that any of my current Facebook friends who disagreed with me on this issue to "unfriend" me as well. Now, four days later, none have done so.
What can I take from this? That all of my friends agree with me? Hardly likely. I'm sure that more than one person probably believes I'm out of line on this.

Could it be that no one has read that post? I know some have read it, but it would be a good bet that the majority of my Facebook friends haven't even bothered to check out the link I posted on Facebook.

Pretty discouraging, huh?

Even though it may be a monumental waste of time getting some folks attuned to some of the problems we're facing, I guess I'll just slog along with these posts and hope someone, somewhere will pay attention.

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