Saturday, January 24, 2015

After Leaving the Desert.

As mentioned in yesterday's blog post, I've just returned to the world-wide-web after a nearly three week absence. What have I missed during this time of deprivation? Not much, really.

Without access to online news services, I've escaped the constant bombardment of anti-Obama updates. Don't get me wrong, you won't find anyone who dislikes the current POTUS as much as I, but frankly, getting a never ending supply of Obama news was far and above,too nerve-racking for me.

The same goes with the Pope Francis news embargo; The current Pope is the most often misquoted and misunderstood Pope since the last one. Having the news media misrepresent the current Pontiff didn't start with Francis, but it's been a relief to be away from the Internet updates on whatever "Pope Francis controversy" was attempting to break the Internet.

On the more positive side, I've managed to read eight books so far this month. That's far and away higher than my 2014 average of 2.5 books a month......and 2014 was actually a banner year.

Now, if only I'd knuckle down and write more.........

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