Monday, February 2, 2015

More Random Thoughts on Pope Francis and Climate Change.

The latest news in the ever evolving controversy of Pope Francis and climate change are the stories that United States EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has met with senior Vatican officials in an effort to obtain papal support for the Obama administration's environmental policies.

As seen in the screen shot on the left, obviously believes the story is worth quite a few links.

For those unfamiliar with, it is the traditional Catholic's Drudge Report.

Many of those commenting on the story at creativeminorityreport are none too happy with the news.

Dr B wrote; "Pray that the antichrists don't lead the apparent Vicar of Christ and his minions to a false god. God, Please help your church."

MIKE says;"Catholics do not need to pay any attention to the Pope except on matters of Faith and Morals."

Paul Ben accuses Pope Francis of having "illusions of grandiosity".

It matters not that Benedict XVI spoke out against man's destruction of the environment. In the view of many American conservatives, Pope Francis is the enemy.

One of the arguments against the environmental movement is that it has become the latest incarnation of paganism. The sad truth is that many environmentalist today worship the planet, Gaia, and Mother Nature.

Instead of focusing of the "kooks" we need to stay focused on the evidence. It isn't productive to lump together all who support the environment with the neo-pagans. To view all environmentalists as the same would be comparable to claiming that all Christians agree that the planet is only about 6000 years old. To deny climate change because of the neo-pagans is no different than denying the existence of God because a minority of Christians are Creationists.

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