Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sister Megan Serving Her Sentence.

I've never watched an episode of Orange is the New Black, but, judging from two recent articles on Sister Megan Rice, [NPR and DailyNews] I'm missing out on a very popular program.

In both articles, where we are updated on the imprisonment of Sister Rice for breaking into the nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn., the writers feel the need to reference the Netlix program.

It is not my purpose here to comment on the actions of the 84 year old nun, or to speak to whether or not her imprisonment is justified.

No, I wish to comment strictly on the stories covering her imprisonment.

In the NY DailyNews exclusive, we are told that the 84-year-old activist nun is imprisoned in Brooklyn jail "hellhole" and that Sister Megan lives in "horrifying and deplorable" conditions in a single room with 111 other women" in the Metropolitan Detention Center.

The single room turns out to be a gymnasium-size dorm unit with 60 bunk beds for the 111 women. Along one wall of the dorm are "six half-enclosed toilet stalls, six sinks and six shower stalls". I admit that six toilet stalls, divided by 111 women doesn't seem like very many, but I would hardly call that a "hellhole" nor "horrifying". Unpleasant, yes. inconvenient, yes. Horrifying, not so much.

According to the DailyNews story, "Sister Megan is incredibly serene despite the horrifying conditions that are impossible to comprehend in America in 2015." The nun does appear "incredibly serene" in her photo to the left, probably because she doesn't find the prison nearly as "horrifying" as the reporter.

In the NPR story, we're told that Sister Rice is being held in 'unfair' conditions. Like most stories as told by Progressives, the operative word here is 'unfair'.

Again, I'd say, unpleasant, yes. inconvenient, yes. Unfair, not so much.

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