Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Parking Space, or Hate Crime?

When I first learned of the murder of three Muslims in Chapel Hill NC, I couldn't understand how anyone could possibly believe that this was anything other than a hate crime. Yet, quite a few people seem to buy into the idea that Craig Hicks was enraged over parking spaces.

From huffingtonpost.com:

"Police in Chapel Hill said they have yet to uncover any evidence that Hicks, 46, allegedly acted out of religious animus, though they are investigating the possibility. As a potential motive, they cited a dispute over parking spaces at the condo community where Hicks and two of the victims lived."

I've been wondering......why are people arguing over the killer's motive? If convicted, Hicks is unlikely to ever be a free man again, no matter what his reason may have been for murdering the three execution style.

Surprisingly, Hicks' Facebook page is still online  and looking at it, I think I might have found the answer to my question.

His Facebook page reveals Hicks to be a typical, "progressive" Democrat. He's an atheist, he's anti-theist, he supports same-sex "marriage" and abortion "rights". He hates all the things Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow tell us we should hate (like religion). On Facebook, he "likes" anything Liberal and/or anti-Republican.

The same people who would have used his Christianity or conservatism - if he had been Christian and Conservative - against all Christians and Conservatives, are now telling us that Hicks' belief system is not the issue. They're telling us he was simply a gun-nut with anger management issues.

Liberal, Democrat and atheist? Move along, nothing to see here, folks.

The photo below was used by Hicks on his Facebook page. He doesn't want your baseless superstitions killing people, but I guess killing someone over a parking spot is OK.

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