Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cantaloupes In Dreams.

For better, or worse, I like to keep track of just how well my website and blogs are doing on the Internet. I don't receive many comments on this blog, so it is difficult, at times, to judge who and/or how many folks are stopping by.

One way to get an idea of my audience is through Google Analytics. With Analytics, I can find the total number of visitors the site gets on any particular day, the city and country from where the visitors hail and the particular landing page. Google even lets me know how long the visitors stayed.

I can learned that visitor "A" arrived at my blog by way of Facebook, or the Google or Yahoo search engines. Yes, there is quite a bit of useful information to be gleaned. Unfortunately, some of the information coming from Analytics is next to useless.

One such useless piece of trivia is the "keyword" used on the search engines which led someone to your site. You'd think such information would be very useful. However, with I look at the "keyword", I often find either (not set) or (not provided). How can that possibly be of any help?

Today, on the other hand, I was given one "keyword" which was out of the ordinary. Someone in Atascocita, Texas had discovered my blog by putting "cantaloupes in dreams" into the Google search engine. As one can see, doing so will lead one to my post from Aug 28, 2014, Bananas and Dreams of Cantaloupes.

I'm not certain why anyone would do such a thing. I'm reasonably sure that they didn't receive the results they where actually searching for.

I am thankful that this person from Texas found their way to this blog. I'm also thankful that the person used Google, and not Bing or Yahoo; those two search engines do not reference my blog when searching for Cantaloupes in Dreams.

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