Friday, May 1, 2015

Let Them Eat Cannoli.

I have my morning rituals.

First, I get coffee into my system as quickly as I can. I've begun a daily walking regiment with my son, and if he is already awake, we'll head out on our morning constitutional, as they used to say. If he's still asleep, I'll have a second cup.

When we've returned home, I'll shower, have breakfast and then head for the Internet.

I have quite a few news sites that I visit every morning - a list of these news source can be seen on the right side of this blog. In addition to these news sites, there are a few blogs which I go to every morning.

This trip around the internet, is simply my way of coming upon something worst writing about.

One of the blogs I frequent is Mark Shea's, Catholic and Enjoying It. I can't say that I agree with Mr Shea on everything.....or even most things. We agree on the issues of torture and capital punishment, to name two.

Two areas where Shea and I disagree are 1) Michael Voris and 2) minimum wage. I don't believe I'm revealing any secret when I say that Shea really dislikes Voris, where as, Voris can caught me among his many fans.

Shea has been vocal in his support of increasing minimum wage. I am at an age and stage in my life where minimum wage does not affect me personally, but I can remember those days, long ago when I was trying to get by on the small amount of money such a wage provides.

I am against any increase in the minimum wage, not because I dislike the poor wage earner, but on the contrary. I am against raising minimum wage because such increases actually harm the very folks the increases are intended to help.

One example of how these increases arm the "little guy" is this story about a pizzeria in Seattle closing up shop due to the increase in the minimum wage in that city.

It may be one of the first casualties of Seattle’s new minimum wage law. The owner of Z Pizza says she’s being forced to close her doors, because she can’t afford the higher labor costs.
Devin Jeran was happy to get a raise, when Seattle’s minimum wage went up to $11 an hour at the beginning of the month.
“I definitely recognize that having more money is important,” he says, “especially in a city as expensive as this one.”
Unfortunately, he’ll only enjoy that bigger paycheck for a few more months. In August, his boss is shutting down Z Pizza and putting him and his 11 co-workers out of work.

Mark Shea lives in Seattle; I'm certain that he is -or soon will be - familiar with this story. He isn't shy about posting stories which he believes supports his views on minimum wage. I'd like to see him post something dealing with the other side, although I don't suspect he will. I'm afraid it's highly unlikely he'll mention the closing of Z Pizza.

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