Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November Pig Update.

When I last posted something about my pigs, the piglets had just turned 12 weeks old. That post was back in September. Sadly, I've fallen behind in my blog posting, with only four posts in September, one in October and this one being the first posting in November.

We're ready now to sell the remaining pigs - with the exception of the pregnant sow, of course. We're looking to sell the two larger pigs as soon as possible, saving the smaller of the three to sell in December. We have friends who are interested in buying one next month, so that should work out just fine.

The photos posted today were taken this morning when we delivered a supply of feed for the pigs.

As I mentioned before, the sow should be delivering again in early January. I'm hoping that we get more piglets this go - 'round.

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