Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eco Oil

Back in August of last year, I remarked that my photo of the Star Oil gas station, located near the airport, had received over 30,000 views. Since then, the number of views for that particular gas station has topped 56,000. As I mentioned at the time, that total number of views for a gas station boggles my mind.

Equally mind boggling to me is the news that my photo of the FilOil gas station located not far from the airport as well, has become my second most often viewed photo, with over 70,000 views.

Driving through that area this afternoon, I noted that the FilOil station gas changed to Eco Oil. My photo with the 70,000 plus views is of a business that no longer exists.

My first thought was to edit the FilOil location on Google Maps to show it as a closed business, and then add the Eco Oil as a new business. This however, if successful, would eliminate my photo of FilOil with it's 70,000 views. I decided, instead, to edit the FilOil location with a simple name change. This edit is currently pending review with Google Maps. I've uploaded a few Eco Oil photos to help with the review.

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