Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blog Awards

Now that we're home from our trip to Dumaguete,I've settled into a regular routine viz a viz getting on the Internet.I always check my email first.After I've taken care of whatever needs to be done with the email, I'll check the Google Analytics for the stats on my various projects.Now that I have a section for pen pals , that will be the first set of stats I look at.Next, come the stats for the Dumaguete website, then this blog then on to the stats for one blog or another.
Next in the routine, I'll post something on one of the blogs, then I'm off to check on a few of my favorite bloggers ( you know who you are ). If my favorites haven't written anything new then I'm off surfing for newer blogs to read.It was while checking out a new blog that I discovered www.bloggerschoiceawards.com a website that,duh,gives out awards to the best blogs chosen by the general blogging public.
We all like the idea of receiving awards.....especially for a blog (there's certainly no money in it).It's well within the rules of the website to nominate one's own blog and I'm not above doing that but there in lies the dilemma.There are several categories to chose from and I can't quite figure out where this blog belongs.
I've written a few entries on my visits to Dumaguete or Sibulan so, perhaps, it could fit into the Best Travel Blog Category.But, there's more to this blog than writing about Dumaguete.
I've written about McDonald's , the food in Dumaguete and even coffee, so maybe it fits into the Best Food Blog Category, instead.
There's a category for Best Parenting Blog and Lord knows,I've written about my son on more than one occasion.
I've written about politics , government workers and immigration.
My entries on Good Friday in Philippines or the Bleeding Statue in Sri Lanka would put me in the Religious Blog section.
A few of my posts might even qualify me for the Best Blog about Blogging Category.
Now, all they need is a category for The Best Blog about Blog Awards and I'll be set.

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