Monday, January 21, 2008

Will Bill Vote For Hillary ?

In a recent article for Newsweek, Jonathan Alter suggests that a number of Democrat higher-ups believe former President Bill Clinton's aggressive campaigning may be harming Hillary's run for office.
That opens the question as to whether or not Bill actually wants Hillary to win the election.
Openly, he has no other choice than to support her candidacy even if he doesn't really want her to become President.
Lord only knows the true state of their marriage, but there is surely a dysfunctional dynamic at work. Bill's only way of "keeping her in her place" is his being able to hold his Presidency over her head, so to speak. Her becoming President puts a stop to that. He'd no longer have a way of pretending he's superior to her.
Then, of course, we have to consider Bill's place in history should Hillary become the first female President. If she is elected, school children 100 years from now will know about Hillary Rodham Clinton but Bill will be merely a footnote....a Millard Filmore or Rutherford B. Hayes. I'm sure he realizes that and his ego can't take it.
On the surface, Bill will continue to support his wife's run for office, but if she makes headway, he'll do more and more to sabotage her chances.

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