Friday, September 2, 2016

Marivic Store

My newest hobby is, by being a Local Guide with Google Maps I've been able to add photographs, write reviews and sometimes add locations which have gone unnoticed and unlisted on the Maps.

I've mentioned before that the editing process - that is, adding new locations - seems to be a bit hit or miss. As of this writing, I've been credited with adding 17 locations, although I've attempted to add more than forty to date. Three or four of these additional edits have been approved with my not having yet received "credit" for them. Slightly more than half of my edits are under review. I've yet to have one that has been put it review, approved. So far, the 17 approved were approved immediately.

I wanted to go out this afternoon on an unnamed road that follows the coast in Cangmating in order to add something to Google Maps. Rather than fool with the editing BS, I decided to open the map and make a list of locations already given on Google Maps and simply take photos of locations on the list. This particular road has several beach resorts, as well as very expensive private homes. I made a list of six locations and headed out with my camera.

Most of these resorts/private homes have no signage. I was unable, for example, to locate "Regalado Beach Lot" due to this absence of signs. Of those six locations, I was able to positively identify three. Again, I'm puzzled by the ends and outs of Google Maps approval system.

I found it surprising when quite a number of my edits went up for review. I cannot understand why my addition of the Hyundai dealership (to name one) hasn't been approved. The dealership is located on the National Highway - not far from the Mitsubishi dealership - yet my edit for Ralyn Wood Supply, located off in Bumfuzz, Eygpt was published instantly.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is my discovery of Marivic Store. It makes its way onto Google Maps, just above Baybayon Resort.

Take a look at the photograph of Marivic Store.

The place is simply an average, run of the mill sari-sari store. There are millions just like it all throughout Philippines. How in Heaven's name did Marivic Store make its way to Google Maps, when the Hyundai dealership has been in review for more than a week?

Can anyone explain this to me?

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