Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dumaguete Airport: Part 3

My friend from Siquijor was at the airport waiting for me when I arrived. She had hired a porter to fetch my bags . This was completely unnecessary as I only had 2 carry-on bags. But, then again, she was always one to "put on airs". I think she may have felt herself superior to the average Filipino and hiring "servants" was something she did on a regular basis.

She had already gotten us a room at La Residencia Al Mar and we'd spend the night in Dumaguete before going to Siquijor the next morning. We spent a good portion of that evening shopping at Super Lee's.

Looking back,I'd say that a good portion of our time together had been spent shopping. We left the hotel the next morning before the sun rose .... we'd be going to Larena, Siquijor rather than Siquijor,Siquijor and the boat left very early.

I won't go into the problems we had, but we began arguing before the week was out. I soon regretted having not gotten the cell phone number of a man I met on my flight to Dumaguete. I sent an email to a friend in the States who knew someone in Bais. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a dead end. It looked as if I would spend my remaining two weeks in Philippines without anyone to turn to.

Thanks to the efforts of my friend's parents, we were (somewhat) reconciled before Christmas Eve. In a surprising turn of events, she returned with me to Dumaguete before my flight out. This time, she would accompany me the airport. As it turned out, this was to be the last time we saw each other. When I left Dumaguete that day, I believed everything was OK between us. Not so.

I cannot say that I wish we had never met.......I would never had gone to Dumaguete had it not been for her. Had I never gone to Dumaguete I would never had met the woman who was to become my wife and the mother of my child.

Even tragic events can turn around and bring good things if you have faith in God's will.

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