Monday, December 4, 2006

Not prepared

This blog is to take the place of a just-deleted blog,which was deleted because I felt the title was no longer appropriate.The title used my surname and now that my Dumaguete blog is getting some attention, I no longer wanted my name out like that.
My profile photo was originally from an entry in the now deleted blog.I wanted to keep that photo but I thought that it would be deleted when the blog was gone.I was going to put the photo here and write something about that. However, when I deleted the blog,I did not lose the profile photo. Now, I come completely unprepared .
To get my thinking processes going, I entered the word"unprepared" into the Google search engine and looked through the images that word brought up.I thought I would find an interesting image and would write about it.I looked through 27 pages of images before finding the one on the left.The motto is Latin for "never unprepared".
Unfortunately, I cannot claim this as mine. My life is "unpreparedness" personified.
A more appropriate Latin motto for me would be "Persevera Deoque confide"...... "Persevere and trust in God".

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