Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dumaguete Airport: Part 6

Cathy's visa had been approved and so on Good Friday, April 9th 2004,I left the U.S. heading for Dumaguete to "fetch" her.It was Easter Sunday in Philippines when I arrived.I was met at the airport by Cathy and her family.I went to the Gazebo hotel ,freshened up and went back to the church in Sibulan to attend the afternoon Mass.
I only had a week vacation scheduled and we'd be leaving for the U.S. the next Friday.The Monday after Easter that year was April birthday. We had a big party lined up. It was part birthday celebration,part engagement party and part going-away party.I believe the entire barangay of Tubtubon was at the party.A few photos taken at the party can be found here.

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