Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dumaguete McDonald's redux.

Everyone likes to be appreciated and blog writers are no exception. One way for a blogger to know if he or she is appreciated is by the number of comments the blog receives. I've visited blogs that have an incredible amount of people leaving their opinions behind as evidence of the blog's popularity. Conversely, I've seen a few blogs that are, without question, very good, but for some reason generate very few comments, if any. This particular blog does not get very many comments, but I am able to see how many folks drop by, what they're reading and if they're new or returning visitors; all this, thanks to Google Analytics.

Looking at the stats, I've seen that my most visited entry was the one about McDonald's in Philippines. The second most read entry in this blog was the one entitled changing-dollars-to-pesos-in-dumaguete which also includes a photo of the McDonald's located on Perdices in Dumaguete.

Obviously, there's a pattern. If I want more readers than I must give the readers what they want.......that is, more entries about McDonald's. Maybe I could even devote an entire blog strictly to the fast food restaurant. One would think that I'd quickly run out of things to say; I've only been to the McDonald's in Dumaguete about three times. But, that would be a sign of my true creativity; expanding those three visits into a mini-series. A gifted writer should be able to write several paragraphs on the Burger McDo found exclusively in the Filipino McDonald's. For a great writer, the possibilities are endless.

Anything to please the audience, right?


Corey said...

I'm hoping Marilyn doesn't decide to visit the McDonald's too much. It's so easy for us to go when we have one every few miles, but it's more of a novelty in Dumaguete. I'm sure many peole are curious to try it.

Would you say the food is comparable to what we have here? Sounds like there are probably some Filipino adaptations to the menu. And what kind of sandwich is the Burger McDo?

RTS said...

On my first visit I had the Big Mac & fries.....I'd say both are comparable to what we have here (if not better than some). The McDo is similar in size to the Burger here that's on the dollar menu but the beef on the Filipino version is more tender.There's a sauce on it that's unique.it's OK but I can't identify it.

Newsandseduction said...

The great writers seem to be busy doing such writings. So we have banal work to read except what is having commercial interests underneath.
Nice blog sir!

JoSeLLE said...

Haha, yeah, McDonald's as your main topic will always draw crowds, especially readers from Dumaguete (the McFlurry is a personal favorite. I've been to McDOnald's in Dumaguete, but never did it occur to me to write about it. I guess it takes a true blogger to find an interesting topic in something as everyday as a fastfood chain outlet ;)