Friday, May 18, 2007

The Vanishing Bravo Biscuits

Sometimes, it's the little pleasures we miss most when they're gone. That's the case with the Bravo Biscuits we brought with us from Dumaguete. I have to point out to my American friends that these are not the sort of biscuits we have at home. The Bravo is what we'd call a cracker.

While we were in Philippines, my wife's father would often bring home this little treat for the grand kids. J.P. and Phillip always enjoyed them and I had to sample one myself. Nice.
As you can see from the package, the biscuit contains sesame seeds, but it is also slightly sweet.

According to the Rebisco web site, it's:
"A plain cracker dashed with sugar and sprinkled with sesame seeds making it the only one of it's kind. It has the advantage of "innovative irony of taste" with its combined delightful taste of sugar and sesame seeds. Its metallized foil package ensures a unique, soft yet crunchy biscuit which stays fresh longer."

J.P. is so fond of the cracker that we bought several packs at Super Lee to bring back home with us. Now,sadly, there aren't any more. I'm hoping that we'll be able to find them in an Asian market near our place. If not, we'll have to wait until someone we know travels to Philippines and can bring some back to us.


Corey said...

Hmm...Rebisco sounds like another company we know that is famous for crackers. I wonder if there is any relation to Nabisco, or if this is just pure coincidence.

So, do the Bravo biscuits have a sweet and salty taste to them? I had never heard of these before. Of course, I spent most of my snacking time devouring mango, and mango shakes :)

RTS said...

Hi Corey
rebisco is republic biscuit company as opposed to national biscuit company. looking at their site,I don't think they're related.

Olga said...

Hi Robert,

funny how i've never tried that. classic example of how we take for granted what we have in abundance and within easy reach.

kisses to JP ....