Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Interview with Condoleezza Rice

I've always felt that an important part of my standing as a world renown blogger is my presenting all sides to any and all stories that I'm covering.
I've written several entries concerning the so called Heywood Jadoit affair, and in the interest of balance and fair play, I recently contacted U.S. Sec. of State, Condi Rice and requested an interview for the blog. She was more than eager to give her thoughts on the situation.
RTS:I was a bit surprised when I learned that Bush and PM Harper were intending to finish the 'Rasslin'-n-Reykjavik' in spite of the fact that Jadoit had escaped from jail and was currently in North Carolina with members of the C.P.C.
Condi:Yes, even though this affair may soon come to a conclusion, both Mr. Bush and Mr. Harper felt in the interest of national pride, someone had to come out as an all out winner in the best 2 out of 3 arm wrestling event.
RTS:I've been a bit preoccupied with the events in N.C....I haven't kept track of the score in the contest.
Condi: Tied, one game each; though President Bush is confident he'll come out the clear winner.
RTS:It's also surprising to me that Bush hasn't sent in Federal troops to stop the fighting between the C.P.C. and P.E.T.A..
Condi:We're monitoring this situation carefully; but at present the President feels it best that the two combatants duke it out.
RTS:On another note: there's talk that you may run for President in 2008. Any truth to that?
Condi:As you know,since 1989 there has been either a Bush or Clinton in the White House.Those of us in power now want to keep it that way.We're not too happy about the idea of Hillary Clinton as Commander in Chief......but we're not too sure how Laura Bush will work out. As George's "2nd wife", so to speak, we could still maintain the status quo by my winning the election.
RTS:Of course, you'd have to win the election first.
Condi:Ha,ha,ha.What an interesting concept. A bit naive, but interesting.
RTS:You do have to receive the most votes in the election.
Condi: Stop...ha ha ha, you're killing me!!! It's no wonder your blog is so popular; you're so @$#@^*# funny.

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