Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Canadian PM has 2nd Thoughts

Details of the upcoming contest between the Canadian Prime Minister and the President of the United States have come slowly.It was just yesterday that I received this photo of the table the two will be using for their first arm wrestling match in Iceland.
As most of you know, this contest is an attempt to prevent a war between the two nations over the so-called "Heywood Jadoit" affair. (Links are provided for those unfamiliar with the situation)
When I received the photo I assumed it was another concession to the Canadian Govt. by the U.S. Most consider the choice of Iceland as the location of the contest as an advantage for the Canadians.However, I've received another email from the Canadian PM Stephen Harper,and it appears the Canadians feel the Americans are getting the upper hand. As with his last email, I've pasted this new email onto my blog.

From: pm@pm.gc.ca
To: sorryalltheclevernamesaretaken@blogspot.com
2nd thoughts
Date: July,2nd 2007

I'm writing to you, mainly to vent and get this off my chest.Even though this contest is between the U.S. and Canada, it's the U.S. President who is getting all the positive press. Oh, he's so wonderful for coming up with the idea and blah blah blah. Like I didn't have any say in what's going down.
I will say, that we Canadians are being taken advantage of by the Yanks.Everyone thinks it's a plus for us that the games are in Iceland. Not!!!!
We tried to have the contest in the U.S. but they wouldn't hear of it. Pretending that they were being so high and mighty by going to a neutral country.Truth is , they know good and well that we can't afford a boat or plane ticket to Iceland. It would have been easy enough finding a ride into the States.There's always somebody crossing the border......easy enough for me to bum a ride.
The Americans think they're so clever. They think they'll win by default because we can't make it to Reykjavik.Well,we'll get there some how.Heck, if the readers of your blog would just go to the Canadian Govt website and click on a few of the Google ads on the site we'd have enough money for a ticket.The link goes to an old posting of mine, but the ads are still kept up to date.

Thanks, again for letting me blow off steam,
Stephen Harper.

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