Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dems co/opt Jesus.

The liberals in the Democrat party often dismiss the typical Republican voter as a religious zealot who requires a litmus test, of sorts, for the Republican candidates. Jesus, they complain, holds too much prominence over the election process.It's the whole "Separation of Church and State" argument.
Now, with an alleged "Clinton sponsored Muslim whisper campaign" against Obama, things have changed. Despite Hillary's statement that, "as far she knows" Obama isn't one, Obama feels the need to lash out at political enemies who, he says, are spreading false rumors that he's a closet Muslim.
In Ohio, Obama declares,"I pray to Jesus every night and try to go to church as much as I can."
So, now, the Democrats have their own religious requirements.
Critics said that Huckabee forced Romney to make his "I love Jesus speech". It looks like Clinton has forced Obama to make his "Jesus" speech too.


Dominique said...

Obama has nothing on Gloria! She gets messages directly from the Lord....

RTS said...

and maybe the message was "Gloria in Excelsis Gloria".