Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Need a New PC.

I need a new PC.
If feels as if the one I have is so old, that even the word obsolete doesn't begin to describe it.
It's so old, it's kerosene powered.
Upgrading has it's limitations....there's only so much that can be done.Besides, parts are expensive and it really makes more sense to just bite the bullet and get something new.
The problem is...what to buy? So many choices....so many features.
It's much easier buying one when you don't have a clue about PCs.The more you know, the more you want and the more options you have.
By the way.....the kid on the right in the photo is my son and the one on the left is his cousin. The photo was taken last year while we were in Philippines. The "PC" in the photo isn't the one in question. I just thought the photo looked good with this post.

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