Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not the Best of Days.

This AM, when I opened my email, I found a email from Western Union telling me that I would no longer be a part of their affiliate program. I was told this was for "technical reasons" but I'm sure it has more to do with the poor performance of their ads on my sites.
So, I began the tedious process of removing their banners and links from my blogs and web pages. Sounds easy enough. It was easy enough to remove it all from the blogs but the web pages were a different matter.
First, I have quite a few satirical news pages with the banners on them and these pages were put on the free pages provided by my ISP (Comcast). When I went to access my account and edit the web pages, I discovered that Comcast had changed the format making it a pain to edit my old pages.....I haven't quite figured out how this new format works.
I had plans to do another satirical series with the Comcast next week, but now I'm not quite sure.
Next, I went to the web host for the website to edit my pages there but this PC was giving me fits (as usual) and I'll have to try again.
Just not a good day.

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