Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clueless Nun Supports The Chosen One.

A senile Catholic nun living in a convent in Rome has decided to cast her first ballot in almost 60 years and the world is all a-flutter. In all the reports I've seen on the story, folks are just beside themselves with joy that this 106 year old nun will set aside the abortion issue and for vote for the Chosen One.
Why has he picked Obama? She believes he'll bring "Peace abroad".
She's also quoted as saying, "Those Eastern people are not like we are."
Can you imagine the great time the media would be having at her expense had Sister Cecilia Gaudette announced she'd be voting for McCain? Liberals would be mocking her and making a joke of her age. But, now, she's some sort of Wise old Sage because she's picked Obama. This old woman obviously doesn't have a clue as to how the media today twists and distorts everything. She is being used and doesn't even realize it.
"Sister Cecilia is tired, she is startled and she is even a bit anguished by all the attention," said Sister Carmen Aymar, a deputy superior general at the convent in Rome where Sister Gaudette lives. "Now she wants to be left alone."
She's being pounced upon by the media because it furthers their pro-abortion stance and she's totally clueless.

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adriana said...

How dare you call this nun clueless? Do you not see the hypocrisy in your comments? Implying this women is witless and then saying the liberals will mock her.
You should be ashamed.

Robert said...

I am not ashamed. She is clueless.