Friday, October 3, 2008

Unborn Baby's Heartbeat Prompts Pro-life Vote.

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"New Haven, Connecticut, OCT. 2, 2008.

A Knights of Columbus radio spot running in many U.S. markets until the Nov. 4 elections encourages citizens to listen to the heartbeat of a 10-week-old unborn baby and vote pro-life.
The 30-second spot is running in more than a dozen states.

The ad features the sound of a baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks, and the voice of a woman saying, 'Listening to this makes me wonder: Why would anyone question that her life has begun?' It concludes with the words, 'Vote your heart. Vote pro-life.'

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson announced the beginning of the ad campaign. 'The fact that the child whose heartbeat we hear is alive is simply a matter of science,' he said. 'We believe that it is vital that America's pro-life community make it clear that they will reserve their votes for candidates of either party who are committed to protecting life from conception to natural death.'"

To hear the radio ad:

To see images of fetal development: click here.


Olga said...

Hi Robert,

Reading this entry made me think of an ongoing controversy here in the Phils. re Reproductive Health Bill. It's being cloaked as family planning initiative by the govt but what is really does is promote the pro-choice policy.

I remember talking with different people regarding concepcion and pregnancy, and the most common comment I've heard is that at two months, it's still blood - so losing the pregnancy is not really losing any child at all. I'm appalled by this ignorance. I hope somebody in the Catholic Church will think of educating the people - in addition to merely announcing to the people during Homily that life begins at the moment of concepcion - how each and every child looks like at every stage of development. Maybe seeing pictures would make people think twice before dismissing these precious children as mere blobs.

Robert said...

Sadly, it seems that the pro abortion folks are trying to bring their ideas to every corner of the Earth.
It's hard to see how anyone who knows basic human biology could not understand that life begins at conception. Your idea of educating people is good.....but people who want to believe that abortion is justified will never listen to common sense or reason.
(PS.....regards to your husband and daughter).