Wednesday, October 29, 2008

J.D.Manning versus the Clueless Nun.

I had never heard of Reverend James David Manning or his ATLAH World Missionary Church until I happened upon a link to one of his videos yesterday.
He may not be news to some of you. I've since learned that he was mentioned by Rush Limbaugh [Understanding the Black Church: Reverend James David Manning] during Rush's "Operation Chaos" in March. I must have been absent from class that day.
In a way, this post is a continuation of what I wrote yesterday [Update on "Clueless Nun" Post ].
There are similarities in the stories of Sister Cecilia Gaudette and Rev. Manning although they've been treated differently by the media. Both could be looked at as "man bites dog" stories ......and that was how the media tried to portray Sister Gaudette, but Manning hasn't been given nearly the same attention.
The truth is, Sister Gaudette was used by the media to further their cause of supporting Obama and abortion. Here's a 106 year old nun who is, in the liberals' way of looking at things, someone who could give up her prejudices and vote for a black man.....she could use common sense ( in their twisted view) and get past the Church's teaching on abortion. She could go against the stereotype and "do the right thing" and vote for the Chosen One.
The media could have approached Rev. Manning in the same a man willing to step out of the preset mold. He could have been written about as a man who would vote his conscience and not by racial prejudice. Instead, the media has chosen to ignore J.D.Manning because he speaks out against Barack Obama.
The particular video I'm referring to is quite provocative, to say the least. Manning can be difficult to watch. He doesn't bite his tongue.
I'm sure some will be uncomfortable with his message, as well as the words he uses to get his points across.
He doesn't speak well of Obama. I can't repeat a lot of what he says of him. Some of his less, huh, coarse comments on Barack are words like "Senator Tarzan" and "long legged macdaddy".

There are quite a few videos of Rev.Manning available, but I'll just provide links to two.
The 22 minute video - God Save America
and Manning's Fierce Prayer for Bristol Palin

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