Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Checking my email this morning, I found a notice that someone calling himself "Roy" had left a comment on my last post [Taking a Break].

Roy is the blogger behind abrideforthepope.blogspot.com which we first learned about from a post on LarryD's blog [Acts of the Apostasy: Dumbest Blog...EVAH!! ].

After reading the comment Roy left, I went back to his blog and read his latest post.....he simply pasted the comments Dimbulb and I left on Larry's blog (with a pasted comment from Larry as well).

If you go to Roy's pathetic attempt at blogging, you'll see that he does not allow comments. Too bad. Not allowing comments in any form shows Roy to be a true coward.

On the off chance that Roy makes his way back here, I refer him to my comment policy:
"The anonymous cowards can still leave their snotty comments, but if I find those comments particularly offensive, I'll simply delete them.
This is my blog, so I am the sole judge of what is or is not an offensive comment."

Unlike Roy, I will allow him to comment here....unless he becomes offensive.

Oh, by the way......when Roy discovered my comment on LarryD's blog, he followed my blogger profile and came across this blog. I'm sure, being the "Progressive" that he is, had he gone to one of my other blogs - D'offus of the Big-Doofus - he'd really be upset with me.

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