Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking a Break.

Even though there are a number of subjects I'd like to write about, I haven't really been able to do much writing for a few days.
Rather than drift along, I'm going to stop trying to write for a few days and catch up a bit on my reading.


Roy said...


You wrote: "Looking at the roots of the blog we find it's a neo CRONES offspring.
they want to change priest celibacy to open the door for women priests."

Now that's an idea! We never contemplated the Pope's new bride might actually be a woman priest. But now that you've made the suggestion, why not? The happy couple will have a lot in common.

Robert said...

The comment Roy is referring to was left on LarryD's blog...Dumbest Blog....EVAH !!

LarryD said...

One thing's for sure - he's never going to get a nomination at the Crescat in the 2010 Cannonball Awards!

But I might nominate him for Most Pathetic Blog in next year's Bloggers Choice Awards

Robert said...

Who knows....the 2010 Cannonball Awards may include that category.

Robert said...

Further thoughts on Roy can be found here :