Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Seeing Eye Horse.

When looking for stories that might be suitable for the blog, I'll often let the surfing go where it may. I've often come upon very unusual articles.

One article that certainly falls into that category is one I found on entitled The case for the seeing-eye horse.When writer Mark Steyn wrote of Mona Ramouni, a blind Muslim from Dearborn, Mich., and her seeing eye horse, I wasn't quite sure that I hadn't ventured onto a parody website.

A quick Google search proved that the story was indeed true and there is a Guide Horse Foundation whose "...mission is to provide a safe, cost-effective and reliable mobility alternative for visually impaired people."

Why a guide horse over a guide dog........other than the Islamic view that dogs violate ritual purity?

The Guide Horse Foundation website gives a list of 10 characteristics of horses that make them suitable for use as guide animals by the blind:

1) Long Lifespan
2) Cost Effective
3) Better acceptance
4) Calm Nature
5) Great Memory
6) Excellent Vision
7) Focused Demeanor
8) Safety Conscious
9) High Stamina
10) Good Manners

OK, once I got over my initial surprise at the strangeness of it, I thought, sure why not? If using a guide horse is a better option for someone, then, so be it.

My only question.....what's with the shoes?


Will Johnston said...

That's hilarious! You're right, why not? But that is too funny.

LarryD said...

Yes, the shoes are strange.

And if you get tired, you can always ride the horse. You can't do that with a dog.