Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Typical Tuesday.

My mornings can be hectic. I work 2nd shift; I don't go to work until three, but there's much to be done before then.

If I wake before my son, I'll surf the Internet looking for a suitable subject for the blog. If he's up early, then it's surf the Internet, cook breakfast, change the station on the TV, write a blog post, shower, shave, cook lunch, put J.P. in the tub.......did I miss something?

This morning, not long after eating a jelly biscuit, J.P. came across a box of Mac & Cheese in the cupboard. Of course, he had to eat some. Now, with a three year old (soon to be four) you can never be certain if he's really hungry or if the colorful packaging on the box just put the idea into his head. I step away from the PC, go into the kitchen to cook the Mac&Cheese, knowing full well that it may end up in the refrigerator to be eaten later. This morning, however, he did eat a good sized portion.

Today, I gave up trying to find a good news story to comment upon. You can look to the right to my "Places of Interest" and find links to writers who do a much better job in that area than I. I have to write this with part of my attention focused in the next room where J.P. is watching "Dinosaur Train". You'd be surprised at the trouble he can get into just sitting , watching television.

It's already past noon and I still have things to do. This post may not reach the heights of wondrous creative writing, but I'll have to settle for this.

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